Big Deal Productions

picture-5BIG DEAL PRODUCTIONS is an innovative production company founded in 1997 by Nathalie Ducharme to create original television programs, film, Internet content and web series.

Their goal is to produce, direct and promote throughout the world, works of eccentric talents.

From fiction to documentaries, reality-show or reporting journalism, they push the limits of imagination with a creative and innovative vision and are offering an original approach to multiplatform content creation.


About the author

Nathalie Ducharme

Nathalie Ducharme

NATHALIE DUCHARME is a Film and TV director, author, screenwriter and producer with more than one string to her bow. Regularly filming all around the world since 1993, in French and English, she has worked on numerous television documentary series and TV shows broadcasted in Canada, and all around the globe. She is an explorer of the depths of the soul, and a confirmed humanitarian for global social causes. She has crossed the whole world meeting extraordinary people with emotional fortitude.