Taking an intimate look at the day-to-day lives of four families in an urban setting who are at different stages of simplifying their lives, Simplement Noël reveals how the philosophy of simple living brings a non-consumer approach to people who value time more than money.

Broadcast:  Canal Vie, sept. 2009 / weekly series / 13 x 30 min / French language

Researcher, writer and director



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Nathalie Ducharme

Nathalie Ducharme

NATHALIE DUCHARME is a Film and TV director, author, screenwriter and producer with more than one string to her bow. Regularly filming all around the world since 1993, in French and English, she has worked on numerous television documentary series and TV shows broadcasted in Canada, and all around the globe. She is an explorer of the depths of the soul, and a confirmed humanitarian for global social causes. She has crossed the whole world meeting extraordinary people with emotional fortitude.